I’m Len Hendricks, graphic designer, scifi geek and snappy dresser based in Portland Oregon. My interest in design began with a fascination in architectural blueprints, and maps. I would spend hours poring over any architectural schematic or map I could find, then drawing my own imaginary buildings and cities. Over time I began to focus on the presentation of my drawings, playing with letterforms and grids to create unique layouts. After years spent in a series of jobs that failed to fulfill my creative drive, I was drawn back to school to pursue an AAS in Visual Communications.

Since earning my AAS in 1999, I’ve primarily worked in the field of senior living marketing. While not a field I ever would have dreamed of liking, I have met some great people and have been had the opportunity to bring a fresh, modern look to senior marketing. In 2003 I designed a brochure for Holiday Retirement Corp. that received a Merit Award from the Mature Market Resource Center. And in 2010 a Dining Program called “Dining by Design” developed by Integral Senior Living for which I designed stationery, menus, marketing, and training materials received a Best of the Best award from the Assisted Living Federation of America.

Currently, I am building a freelance business and working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at Portland State University. Being in school surrounded by talented young designers is wonderful and energizing. I am eager to find new clients and new opportunities to expand my skills and experiences.

“Dining by Design” was awarded a Bronze in the Miscellaneous Publication category of the National Mature Media Awards. In addition, another campaign developed with ISL called “Life Is Good” also won a Bronze in the category of Marketing/Advertising.